For Teachers

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VocalChoices presents 20 key activities that help teachers, along with their pupils, go through a series of simple exercises on a regular basis in order to maintain a healthy voice, develop vocal skills and to be ready to focus on the school day.

A teacher’s voice is one of the most important tools of the trade and yet it is reported that more than 50% of teachers can expect to suffer from vocal problems at some point in their careers. Many are at risk of losing their jobs if they lose this essential part of their teaching ‘tool-kit’.

Vocal health education is high on the agenda of many teaching unions and yet, around the world, teachers still do not get adequate information and training about how to take care of their voices. The cost to the education system runs into millions every year and the effect on pupils is significant too.

Completely practical, VocalChoices can be tailored to suit individual or group needs and can be adopted by all teaching staff in mainstream, as well as special needs education, at all ages. The exercises are proven to promote healthy voices, whether for speaking or singing, as well as aerobic and cardiovascular activity, and also help to stimulate and/or calm pupils at different times of the day.

Researched, piloted and developed over many years within schools, in teacher training courses, and at the Institute of Education, University College London, the package comprises a book and video with background information and explanations as to the reason for, and benefits of each exercise, as well as descriptions and demonstrations of how to do them.

Accepted as part of the Department of Health and the Arts Council of Great Britain Prospectus for Arts and Health 2007, VocalChoices is a proven aid to vocal health, confidence and communication skills, and is essential to any teacher or teaching establishment and its pupils, in order to take best care of their voices.